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Snow has broken visions of things that normally people wouldn't know. Please comment here if you'd like her to know something about your character, preferably something utterly random, like your character's childhood nickname, when their dog died, or any future things you'd want your character to hear. Keep in mind everything will be very garbled and cryptic!


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Name/Handle: Fran
Age: [Are you over 16/18/21/legal age of adulthood?] Yep
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Email: Frannyan[at]
Current Characters: Bakura and Mytho

Character Name: Snow Valdis

Source: Original character

Personality: Snow is a person who never really was her own person. She started off when she was younger being like her peers, then spent the rest of her life trying to be out of her head. Her experimenting with drugs and the constant stress of her visions has left her rather shattered and just an echo of anyone she could have been.

Like Casandra who saw all too clearly what was to come but was powerless to stop it, Snow lives in a bubble of depression, feeling that even if she can figure out what her visions fortell, she can’t do a thing to stop them from coming true. She blames herself for what happened to her family and feels as if she’s worthless as a person.

She is not a strong person, she’s rather shattered and shaky and it’s rare she has the determination to do anything much more than drink. She wants to be helpful and warn Hawk about things, but never seems to be able to. When she’s sober, she’s quite calm and caring, even if not always seeming very sane. She talks softly and often whispers about her visions in a sing song when she’s drunk, but doesn’t remember them when sober.

She has very few interests, mostly just wanting to not be herself or in her head. Since reuniting with her son, she has tried to stay sober more, but she still lacks the ability to cope with her visions so often she has relapses until the guilt of it all makes her try again.

History/Pull Point:

Snow had a fairly normal childhood, parents together, a mostly quiet household, two elder brothers, both significantly older than she was. She had friends growing up like all girls her age did, gossiping together on the corner, not really knowing much about each other, sitting together at lunch, giggling about the boys who looked their way...

Until around age 16, when Snow started to have visions.

They were small, ignorable things at first. A moment when she was spacing out and a though would occur to her; an image of something that didn’t make sense... then days later that strange sense of dejavu... Easy to laugh off, nothing important. There were far bigger things going on in her life to pay attention to and she didn’t want to seem weird.

Slowly, however, they became more prevalent. Persistent. Just still so vague and undefinable that she never realized what was going to happen until it was too late, and it was always too late. The constant uncertainty of trying to figure out what the dreams and visions meant started to wear at her. Her grades in school began to slip and her attempts to warn her friends of things only led to them becoming cross. Finally, unable to cope, she turned to drugs and alcohol, trying to get out of her mind and away from what she was seeing. This only further muddled her mind, adding fake visions on top of the true ones, allowing her to ignore them completely.

Kicked out of her home for being an addict, she moved in with a male friend she had met at a bar and the two became very quickly romantic as Snow used sex to find another way out of her head. That lifestyle quickly crashed to a halt when Snow became pregnant. One quick marriage and 8 painfully sober months later, she gave birth to Hawk, a son. Her husband showed no interest in the child, and instead took a 2nd job, claiming it was to support the baby. With her husband out of the house almost all the time, either working or at bars, Snow turned all her attention to the baby and tried to make a proper go out of being a housewife.

Only the child seemed to spark more visions, darker ones that made even less sense than the ones she had had before and she quickly feel back to the bottle until she was pregnant once more and again forced into sobriety. For the sake of her new daughter, Lilly, and her son, she attempted to make her sobriety stick this time, but visions of death seemed to pour from them both in ways she couldn’t comprehend, never the less deal with. Repeatedly she took them both to the doctor to check for illness, but nothing was ever found. With her husband repeatedly telling her she was being a foolish woman, she slowly fell back to the bottle. Time drinking was the only time her husband spent with her and it helped keep her from thinking.

Then one day, the vision of death for her daughter reached reality.

Her husband, driving Lilly home from a school event, had lost control of the car and wound up going off the road, spinning and crashing the side of the car into a tree. The passenger side, where Lilly had been sitting. For a moment, Snow’s vision of the future became clear. She knew her daughter would not survive, and that her son would take his father’s life in payment for it.

The next two years she spent in an utter stupor, treating her husband like the dead man he was to become, cleaning the house like a broken, drunken marionette, trying to detach herself from the future she couldn’t change. It took another two years of living off her husband’s savings and life insurance before the reality that she needed to provide for herself and her son finally sunk in and she sobered up enough to get a job waitressing in a small dinner, the job given to her almost out of pity. She still kept herself detached from the world, watching her son grow up hard and bitter as if it was through a screen. Any warning she tried to give him of his future was brushed off angerly until he left, going off to college and never looking back.

It wasn’t until many years later that another vision stuck her with the same clarity that Lilly’s death had given her. While the main message of it was unclear, the fact that her son was in danger and needed her was. Different than the previous visions, there was a feeling of something in balance, something that she could change in this one. Desperate to redeem herself, she tried to get in contact with him, forcing herself to sober up and pull herself together to go find him, leaving her home and life behind.

Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills: Snow has visions. It's very rare that they're helpful or even comprehensible, however.

[Game Specific]

Character class:Unreliable prophetess

Why your character would be that class: She has visions she can’t comprehend.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class: None for the class, but she is getting the ability to always be able to find booze.


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